2016/17 CIS PhD Welcome day

When: 9 February 2017, 3pm

Where: Laws 1.12, Laws Building (first floor), Mile End Campus - see map


9 February
15:00 - Welcome
15:10 - Research introductions (1st year CIS PhD students)
Self-organization algorithm for large-scale artificial sensory system Jiayu Men Jiayu Men
A localisation network with evolving event detection Fei Luo
Fei Luo
Near real time update streaming for distributed dynamic graphs Ben Steer
Ben Steer
Object detection with deep reinforcement learning Xu Lan
Xu Lan
Privacy-preserving health data analytics Mohammad Malekzadeh Mohammad Malekzadeh
Investigation of soft tactile sensor Wanlin Li
Wanlin Li
Stroke prediction and style transfer Umar Riaz Muhammad
Umar Riaz Muhammad
Human recognizable sketch synthesis Conghui Hu Conghui Hu
Do sketch, edgemap and photo share same latent visual representation? A generative perspective and practice Kaiyue Pang Kaiyue Pang
Voice training and spoofing in speaker verification system Bhusan Chettri Bhusan Chettri
Intelligent audio mixing using deep learning Marco Martinez Marco Martinez
Music language models for audio analysis Adrien Ycart Adrien Ycart
Multi-task and multi-domain learning Da Li
Da Li
16:00 - presentations by senior CIS PhD students
POKer: a Partial Order Kernel for comparing strings with alternative substrings Maryam Abdollahyan Maryam Abdollahyan
SensingKit: evaluating the sensor power consumption in iOS devices Kleomenis Katevas Kleomenis Katevas
Reliable and efficient sub-Nyquist wideband spectrum sensing in cooperative cognitive radio networks Yuan Ma Yuan Ma
Multi-tracker partition fusion ObaidUllah Khalid ObaidUllah Khalid
16.30 - meeting with mentors, drinks and nibbles

Xinyuan Qian

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