2015/16 CIS PhD Welcome day

When: 3 December 2015, 3pm

Where: FB 4.04/4.08, Francis Bancroft building, Mile End Campus


3 December
15:00 - Welcome
15:10 - Research introductions (1st year CIS PhD students)
Audio-visual identification of multiple speakers

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Xinyuan Qian Xinyuan Qian
Eye-movements analysis

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Alexander Vasilyev Alexander Vasilyev
Do we taste and smell with our eyes? Imagining future experiences with Head Mounted Display (HMD) systems

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Soomi Park Soomi Park
Multi task learning for robotics control

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Chenyang Zhao Chenyang Zhao
Autonomous machine learning

Marija Jegoroval Marija Jegorova
Wearable tech and Ambient Intelligence (AmI) at the workplace for stress management

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Katrin Hansel Katrin Hansel
Computer aided cancer grading

Zhaoyang Xu John (Zhaoyang) Xu
Dynamic graphs: modeling, analysis, applications and systems

Nasreddine Fergani Nasreddine Fergani
Millimeter-wave reconfigurable antenna design for future 5G networks

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Syeda Fizzah Jilani Syeda Fizzah Jilani
Characterisation of the electromagnetic communication channel and network performance analysis at the Terahertz band for body-centric nano-networks

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Rui Zhang
Rui Zhang
Mobile camera networks

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Alessio Xompero Alessio Xompero
15:50 - presentations by senior CIS PhD students
Robust multi-dimensional motion features for first-person vision activity recognition

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Girmaw Abebe Tadesse Girmaw Abebe Tadesse
Discovery of shared semantic spaces for multi-scene video query and summarization

Xun Xu Xun Xu
Data-assisted low complexity compressive spectrum sensing on real-time signals under sub-Nyquist rate

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Zhijin Qin Zhijin Qin
Group-level arousal and valence recognition from static images: face, body and context

[presentation] [paper] [video]
Wenxuan Mou Wenxuan Mou
Subpixel registration for facial expression analysis

[presentation] [paper] [video]
Evangelos Sariyanidi Evangelos Sariyanidi
Coalition formation for distributed multi-target tracking using information consensus

[presentation] [paper] [video]
Yiming Wang Yiming Wang
Miniaturised UHF Antenna using a Magneto-dielectric superstrate for M2M communications

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Qianyun Zhang Qianyun Zhang
16.30 - Drinks, nibbles and meeting with mentors

Logistics Filming
Kunkun Pang

David Ronan

Cesar Pantoja
Cesar Pantoja

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