• AVQ dataset
  • Open Logo

    QMUL-OpenLogo: Open Logo Detection Challenge

    Open logo detection benchmark for logo detection.

  • SurvFace dataset

    QMUL-SurvFace: Surveillance Face recognition challenge

    A dataset to facilitate the development of face recognition methods that are effective and robust against low-resolution surveillance facial images.

  • Auditory attention on natural speech dataset

    Auditory attention on natural speech

    The dataset contains a collection of physiological signals (EEG, GSR, PPG) obtained from an experiment of the auditory attention on natural speech.

  • TinyFace dataset

    TinyFace: face recognition in native low-resolution imagery

    A large scale face-recognition benchmark to facilitate the investigation of natively low-resolution face recognition in deep learning.

  • VRIC dataset

    VRIC: Vehicle Re-Identificaton in Context

    Vehicle re-identification benchmark with realistic and unconstrained variations in resolution (scale), motion blur, illumination, occlusion and viewpoint.

  • Brains dataset


    DEAP: A Dataset for Emotion Analysis using EEG, Physiological and Video Signals.

  • Fabo dataset


    The Bimodal Face and Body Gesture Database (FABO) for Automatic Analysis of Human Nonverbal Affective Behavior.

  • IEEE D-CASE Dataset


    IEEE challenge on detection and classification of acoustic scenes and events.

  • MotionSense


    This dataset includes time-series data generated by accelerometer and gyroscope sensors (attitude, gravity, userAcceleration, and rotationRate).

  • QMUL Junction Dataset

    QMUL junction

    A busy traffic dataset for research on activity analysis and behaviour understanding.

  • Multi turning people dataset


    Surveillance Performance EValuation Initiative (SPEVI).

  • Understanding unstructured social activity

    Understanding unstructured social activity (USAA)

    Eight different semantic classes of home videos recorded during social occasions. Each video is labeled by 69 attributes.

  • Unsegmented sports news

    Unsegmented sports news

    A collection of sports newscasts collected from YouTube. The rapidly moving camera makes activity recognition challenging.