Int. Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2020

Centre for Intelligent Sensing papers

Multi-view shape estimation of transparent containers

A. Xompero, R. Sanchez-Matilla, A. Modas, P. Frossard, A. Cavallaro


Efficient bird sound detection on the Bela embedded system

A.M. Solomes, D. Stowell


EdgeFool: an adversarial image enhancement filter

A.S. Shamsabadi, C. Oh, A. Cavallaro


Modeling plate and spring reverberation using a DSP-informed deep neural network

M.A. Martínez Ramírez, E. Benetos, J.D. Reiss


Playing technique recognition by joint time–frequency scattering

C. Wang, V. Lostanlen, E. Benetos, E. Chew



A-CRNN: a domain adaptation model for sound event detection

W. Wei, H. Zhu, E. Benetos, Y. Wang


A study on the transferability of adversarial attacks in sound event classification

V. Subramanian, A. Pankajakshan, E. Benetos, N. Xu, S. McDonald, M. Sandler